I have a penchant for a martini from time to time, so as luck would have it the Purple Martini made their rounds in the local business neighborhood passing out free martini coupons.  The Purple Martini is located along Belleview Ave, east of I-25 on your right when driving eastbound.

The Purple Martini isn’t that large but we found a comfortable spot on a sofa. They have two bars and a highly attentive staff. At 6 PM on a Saturday night, the place was full but not packed. The place was humming but not overly loud and the clientele ran the gamut from jeans to suits and dresses. General age in the place when we were there was 21-35 but we didn’t feel out of place (being over that age bracket!).

Go to the DenverTrek directory for the address and phone number for the Purple Martini.